Welcome!  It is great to connect with you!  We have our full album coming out November 12th, 2021, on all streaming and digital platforms!!  We’re looking forward to you hearing it and letting us know what you think.  We really appreciate all of you who have been listening over the years to the 3 songs we had posted on N1M.com and we can’t wait for you to add it to your Spotify or Apple playlists.  We hope you keep sharing messages with us through our social pages.  We have physical CD’s and digital downloads available now on our ‘Store’ page, so check that out.  Our first single off the album will be “Looks Like You Lose”.  We decided to go with that song first because of all the great feedback we’ve had from listeners.  The song will go to radio after the album release.  We are also working on a video for “Looks Like You Lose”.  So be on the lookout for that!

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